Marissa Joy Ganz

Actress* Singer* Dancer* Director* Choreographer



Marissa's Direction and Choreography have a flare for pushing the limits! Never one to color inside the lines Marissa always marched to the beat of her own drum and her artistic work is a clear reflection! With a vivid imagination Marissa has been telling stories through writing, acting and dance for decades. Clear communication through whichever medium she chooses you will be sure to feel all the feels and be dazzled with glee.  Whether a delicate ballet, a heart wrenching contemporary piece, or an athletic jazz dance, Marissa will be sure to deliver. With a knack for musical comedy and history, Marissa's work is a versatile, imaginative, energetic, vibrant cornucopia of life, love, celebration and raw emotion.




"ANYTHING GOES"- Curtain Call Performing Arts

"High jinks and great choreography. Critically acclaimed Marissa Joy Ganz was a definite "get" for CCPA. She skillfully scaled the numbers to the small stage, managing to make the dances seem expansive. Of special delight was the show-stopping "Blow, Gabriel Blow."                                            Broadwayworld- Linda Hodges

The show-stopping moment of the night comes at the end of Act I with a tremendous full-cast tap number set to "Anything Goes."                                  Tri-City Voice- Julie Grabowski                                                                                                             




"Marissa has been a wonderful addition to my theatre program.  Her vibrant energy is unstoppable!  Marissa comes to the theatre everyday full of sparkle and smiles.  Her choreography is creative, unique and full of show stoppers!  She is upbeat and inspiring with the actors.  She is a little piece of New York City right here in the Bay Area."  Sarah Hope - Founder and Director of Hope Musical Theatre

"You are so gifted at what you do! You're time management, way of focusing large groups, your eye for staging/choreography, and inspired creativity is unparalleled!" - Jessica Chesbro - Freelance Director





PARTY PEOPLE                                                               Assistant Director                                              Berkeley Rep./ Liesl Tommy

X'S & O'S: A FOOTBALL LOVE STORY                              Assistant Movement Director                              Berkeley Rep./ Tony Taccone

JOSEPH... AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT            Choreographer                                              Woodminster Summer Musicals

BROADWAY BARES/ SF Strips III                                      Choreographer (Whiskey Sour Saloon)                                   BCEFA/ REAF


HELP IS ON THE WAY 24 - 2018 GALA   Choreographer (Opening Number w/ Kimberley Locke & Debby Holiday) The Richmond/Ermet Aid Foundation

ANYTHING GOES                                                            Choreographer                                           Curtain Call Performing Arts, CA

BYE BYE BIRDIE                                                               Director/ Choreographer                                                        Woodside, CA

ANNIE Director/ Choreographer Tiburon, CA

THE WIZARD OF OZ                                                       Director/ Choreographer                                                           Tiburon, CA

WILLY WONKA                                                             Director/ Choreographer                                                       San Mateo, CA

SINGIN' IN THE RAIN                                                      Choreographer                                                Bancroft Musical Theatre, CA

THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE                                      Choreographer                                                                     Livermore, CA

THE WIZARD OF OZ                                                     Choreographer                                          Tri-Valley Repertory Theatre, CA

THE MUSIC MAN                                                            Choreographer/ Asst. Director                                                  Palo Alto, CA

THE WIZARD OF OZ                                                       Choreographer/ Asst. Director                                                  Palo Alto, CA

ANNIE                                                                            Choreographer/ Asst. Director                                                 Palo Alto, CA

PETER PAN                                                                      Choreographer/ Asst. Director                                                 Palo Alto, CA

THE SOUND OF MUSIC                                                    Choreographer/ Asst. Director                                                 Palo Alto, CA

BYE BYE BIRDIE                                                               Choreographer/ Asst. Director                                                 Palo Alto, CA

BROADWAY THROUGH THE AGES                                   Choreographer/ Asst. Director                                                 Palo Alto, CA

STUDENT SHOWCASE                                                      Choreographer/ Asst. Director                       Elmwood Playhouse. Nyack, NY

STUDENT SHOWCASE                                                      Director/ Choreographer                        A Class Act NY (5-6 year olds)NYC

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